Monday, April 26, 2010

Five girls, one room, no drama.

My much anticipated girls weekend was a success! The five of us met in Scottsdale, Arizona and took it by storm. Well, okay, not much of a storm, maybe just a slight breeze. I flew in with Susan and Aimee, and Jodee and Tracy had to meet us at our restaurant the first night due to flight delays.

Our trip was well planned out; we had dinner reservations every night of our three-night stay, and massages booked for our first full day.
After our spa treatments, we had use of the private pool the remainder of the day. Here is our gorgeous view (above) from the pool. We just sat and ate and drank and read and giggled all day. (well, alright everyone knows I am incapable of giggling...I am more of a guffaw-er)

Our second night's dinner had 3 extra guests. Tracy has a friend who recently moved to the area and I have two friends that live in the area, and they all joined us for dinner. My friend, Marty, told us about the private room at True Food, and the eight us had a lovely time feeling extra special in our glassed off room. Marty and Myron were a instant hit, and Marty kept us all entertained.

Before the trip, I told Marty that I couldn't wait to run into his arms for a big hug. He told me to make sure I ran in slow motion so that it was dramatic. I told him, that if he could hum the theme from "Chariots of Fire" that might make my slow motion run better. As soon as I stepped out of our town car (oh yes, town cars and drivers for the weekend, dahling), and saw Marty, he lifted his iPhone and was playing the theme to "Chariots of Fire", and I ran slow motion into his arms. Picture perfect. I didn't even trip.

The resort was beautiful and just what the doctored ordered. There were two to a bed, and one in the roll-away. Naturally, my bed partner (Jodee) forgot pajamas for the weekend.

My fears about sharing a room and bathroom with 4 other women was unfounded. Everything went swimmingly. There is not even any drama to share. Well, the time Jodee spilled a pitcher of ice water into my loaded camera bag might be considered drama, but nothing was ruined, I didn't overreact (as I can do sometimes), so not even that was drama. We had plenty of DOD's (whatever drink we deemed worthy of our "drink of the day" title), and plenty of snacks (which I, for one, live for) so we were plenty happy.

Hold on, I just remembered a bit of drama. I am one of those people that need to eat breakfast. I can't get by with just a cup o' coffee. One morning, the group of us went to the little cafe' to get a bite to eat 'to go'. There was only one woman working the counter, and the line was long, and I was ready to eat my arm. The worker lady was way too happy as was the customer behind me. I was ready to beat the happy right out of them if I didn't get my egg and veggie empanada thingie ASAP. Really, someone was about to need an ambulance if I didn't get food. Now, that was a close call.
Our last supper of the weekend was at Elements at Sanctuary Camelback Mountain. And, my oh my, was the view delicious, not to mention the food (even though I was being a baby about the menu...yeah, whatever, I'm stupid). Our reservations were for 8:00, and the guests that had our table were taking their sweet time. Lucky for us. Well, not lucky for Tracy because she was having a 'Natalie episode' and was ready to eat her arm. Anyway, the restaurant asked if we would like to eat on the private terrace because our table still wasn't ready. Let me tell you, there was no discussion amongst us, no looking to one another for thoughts, we each just said "yes" to the hostess and ran likes bats outa hell to follow her to the table.

Oh yeah, the five of us on the private terrace overlooking the mountains, under the moon and stars.

We were pretty darn fortunate. Over the course of our weekend, we had a private pool and private dining (twice!!).

I feel really fortunate to have gone on this trip with such wonderful, juicy women. I learned more about each of them, had laughs with each of them, and had a beautiful time with all of them.

p.s. I was successful!  I was the only one to bring just a carry-on.


  1. Yay for you and I LOVE the Chariots of Fire bit!! I wish I were there but then again...I wasn't asked. Hmmph!!

    (ok, signed, Fran) :)

  2. Fran, you were there in spirit. You were the only one I talked to on the phone while at the pool.

  3. I am so glad your trip was a success and a wonderful time was had by all!!..It sounds WONDERFUL!

  4. I'm jealous. When I go with my girlfriends (the
    Rat Pack) we go to Potato Creek. We've been going twice a year, spring and fall for the last 18 years. No spa but plenty of laughs.

  5. I'm insanely jealous. My last girls' trip was in the fall and we walked all around NY. Sitting on my ass drinking and getting massaged sounds so much better.

    LOVE the pics! Particularly the pic of wine and fire, lovely.

  6. You always bring a chuckle to my cheeks with your blogs. I'm glad that you all had a FANtastic time. A footloose & fancy free weekend - YAHOO! Mother Dearest