Tuesday, May 4, 2010

he had the blues

Trey, age 3, playing the blues for cash at the subway

My cousin, Heather, asked if I could take pictures of her family.  Her son, Trey, just turned three.  I agreed, we set a date, and hoped for good weather.  Luckily, the damp, gray morning, became a warm, blue skied beauty of a day. 

I was very nervous about taking pictures of them.  I know that last year, they had a 'pro' take their pictures, and I am anything but.  I tried to do some research and look at other pictures for ideas, so I came armed with my notebook of ideas.  Some of the poses worked out, but I would say that most of time, we just went with the flow.

Jon, Heather, and Trey picked me up at my place, and we headed to the lakefront where I pass some beautiful tulips on my way to and from work, and I knew I wanted those tulips as our background.  I am glad we got the pictures in when we did because the tulips were hanging on for dear life. 

Poor Jon. He had one of those days where you just can't open your eyes in the sun.  Now Heather, she was right on it. BAM!  One great shot after another.  But Jon.  Jon, Jon, Jon.  Man, Tyra would have nailed him for not "smizing" (smiling with his eyes).  I felt for him.  I could feel my eyes wanting to water for him.  
Now, I have a great concept....sunglass contacts...  so you don't have to wear sunglasses, and the sun won't bother your eyes.  Is there such a thing?  If not, I want in on the action.

I also knew that I wanted to take pictures of Trey in the subway.  We did get him right at the entrance, and Jon was GREAT at posing Trey, and lucky for us that Trey was so in love with the sax he received for his birthday, that he would have let me take pictures of him for hours.  If only we had had a hat on the ground,  not only would that have made for a great picture, but I am pretty sure Trey would have made a pretty good buck.


  1. Love the subway picture...Great idea!

  2. Alakazam! Those pictures were phenomenal. You should make notecards or something with the subway photos. Love, Mom

  3. Woman, you have an eye!

    The subway shot is AWESOME. And I love the exposure on the second family shot and the composition.

    Go, you!!!

  4. I love them all. This could be the start of something great for you. In a side email I'll give you my other thought. :)


  5. Natalie, these pictures are AMAZING! You have truly inspired me to spend more time planning my photo shoots instead of just winging it when people come over.

    I also had to share that first picture of Jon bc of a Chicago inside joke we share. Jon and I used to work together in the white building across the street from Sears Tower at Wacker and Adams (right on the Chicago River). We worked in a corner office on 34th floor and there was a street performer who played the sax every Friday all summer. Somehow the acoustics worked out that it was as loud in our office as if we were standing right in front of him.

    That guy played the Sanford and Sons song ALL DAY. It became this running joke whenever we'd go out to grab coffee, we'd ask him to play the Sanford and Sons song AGAIN. Anyway as soon as I saw your pic, I busted out laughing.

    Last, so that I can write the longest comment EVER, I moved my pics on my blog from blogger to flickr because I noticed a serious quality degradation. Something tells me those pics are even more incredible than they appear with blogger. I did a comparison post here:


  6. Hi Natalie!

    Thank-you so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog. It is so nice to see the greater community of artists at work...I am so grateful to you for taking the time to send such thoughtful words.

    I have to tell you that your pictures are absolutely FABULOUS! I totally LOVE the last one where the husband is looking so lovingly at his smiling wife! Beautiful snapshots of emotion!


  7. Beautiful pictures Natalie! BRAVA!! Maybe someday you can get some with me and my girls! We should find a pretty spot by your Mom's house.