Thursday, May 6, 2010

Summer Lovin' Had Me A Blast....

I took a picture of these tulips right outside of my front door. I live right downtown, but our little courtyard is a beautiful secret in the middle of a big city.

I live in a great location. I live within walking distance to the lakefront and Grant Park. I can walk to the Museum Campus, Michigan Avenue, and many great restaurants. I live right on “State Street, that great street”. Living so close to so many great things is a lot of pressure. Summer in Chicago is amazing; there is always something fun and exciting happening. There are festivals in Grant Park, outdoor dining at great restaurants, bike riding on the lakefront, outdoor movies in the park, dance lessons and dancing in the park, farmer’s markets, free concerts in the park, etc. And…there is also good television on my DVR waiting to be watched. Oh, the torture of Chicago summers. Should I go out and enjoy all the city has to offer? Or, shall I sit on my bum, and watch my DVR’d shows or watch my Netflix movies? Go for a walk along the beach? Or sit on my terrace and read a book?

Along with the ‘summer pressure’ is ‘summer guilt’. The last three or four summers, I have made a “Summer O’ Fun” folder. In the folder, I put the listings of all the city has to offer. The dates and listings for the movies, concerts, festivals, dances, and anything else I can find, goes into the folder. AND… most of these things are free. Free fun!

Every spring I have such a romantic vision of what this summer will hold. I picture Ignacio and myself holding hands and walking on the beach, picnicking at the concerts, bike riding, and a whole bunch of other happy stuffs. We will be eating outside every night at a new joint, drinking wine, and giggling without a care in the world.

Oh yeah, I am also skinny in these visions.

But, then there is reality. We’re still working our 40 hour a week gigs and we’re tired when we get home. And, most of the time, TV has a bigger pull on me than the bike ride does. Inevitably, I get home from work and know I should seize this day, but I stay inside instead and then feel horribly guilty.

Summer guilt….so much to do, so little I take advantage of.

Every year, I tell myself that this year will be different; I WILL seize this day/week/weekend/summer and it will be fantastic.

Here’s hoping…………

Do you have summer guilt or are you a carpe summer type of person?
What’s in your “Summer O’ Fun” folder?


  1. Maybe, just maybe, if you didn't go home first...

    You get home, and any adrenaline vanishes. And the sofa is so soft, and comfortable, and TV is so easy. So instead, just keep going. Go right from work. It's easier to maintain speed than it is to accelerate.

    Not that I'm all that good at practicing what I preach.

  2. I agree with Dave! We always went out in summer before even heading home. Made it so much easier to enjoy the gorgeous evenings.

    I ALWAYS had a list.
    Riding the water taxi and pretending that was my commute.
    Bier garden! There was this place in Lincoln Square, something BierStube? Awesome german beer and german food.

    There are just so many months of winter in Chicago it seemed a shame to waste any of them sitting inside.

  3. Wow--took the words right out of my mouth! I also have tremendous summer guilt. It seems somewhat compounded this year because of the kiddo. Doesn't she NEED to go to the zoo? Even though she's not even a year old and won't remember it?

  4. My Summer O' Fun is whatever YOU plan for me. You are such a good planner! Your days are always project-packed. Your ideas are always brewing. I get tuckered out just listening to you. Mom xox

  5. oh the guilt - see move to my neighborhood, it's not right out the door or within walking distance. My summer will consist of trying to read a few good books on the deck and not stuffing my face.

  6. I have summer guilt all year long!

    This summer my goal is to use our passes to the zoo & botanical gardens. we buy season passes to things, go once & then forget about them. Wev also plan to see the Chincoteague horse swim this summer .