Monday, May 24, 2010

Monthly Dinner: Coco

For our monthly dinner club outing, May's selection was Coco, a Puerto Rican restaurant.

In addition to our regular dining crew, Susan's friend Ana joined us.  I hope we didn't scare her too much.

I was just thinking about my meal and laughing at what I had.  I enjoyed Mojitos and Mofongo.  And, I really enjoyed both of them.  Others enjoyed the Mahi Mahi and the filet.

When it came time for dessert, I ordered the chocolate fudge cake. Our server came back to inform us they were out of the chocolate cake. I swear, I grabbed my chest like I was Fred Sanford telling Elizabeth that "I was coming" to meet her, and that was probably the first and only time our server smiled (I think she was taking pleasure in my pain).  

I thought the food was really good. I loved my dish and looking around at the other clean plates, I think the everyone else enjoyed their food as well. The service? Meh, not so great.

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