Tuesday, December 28, 2010

December Girls Dinner: Sunda

 Nancy chose Sunda (one of those restaurants for the pretty people where I feel they are being nice to me by letting me in) for our monthly dinner. Our reservations were for 7:30, but we weren’t seated until close to 8:00, then we had to wait too long for our wine order to be taken. Now, there are some people who get cranky when they are hungry (like me!), then there are groups of women who get REALLY cranky when it takes too long for their wine glasses to get filled (like us!). It took a long time for our server to take our drink order, lucky for us, December’s dinner also includes a gift exchange so we got started on that while we were waiting to order and get our food.
Susan and Jodi
Jodee and Heather
Bethany and Nancy
The seven of us had a nice time opening and stealing gifts from each other. I have to say that Sunda is one of *those* restaurants that is a bit loud and makes it difficult for a group to converse easily. I think in addition to the ‘*stars*’ restaurants receive for their food, they should also get ‘!!exclamation!!’ points for the noise level of the joint.

My food was very good. I really enjoyed the fritters, and everyone else really liked the shrimp. Sunda has Asian cuisine and many people ordered sushi and sashimi, but they have ‘regular’ dishes in addition to sushi, so making a decision is difficult. I have to say, that everything I ordered and tasted from other peoples’ plates was very good.

It is a good thing that Sunda has good food because their service kind of sucked. Like I mentioned earlier, we had a long wait to be seated despite having reservations, and we had to wait too long for our order to be taken. In addition, there were some errors with our order, and then with our bill. But, the icing on our nonexistent chocolate cake was when we tried to pay our bill. There were 7 of us, and 5 of us needed to pay with a credit card, and we were told that there is a limit of 4 credit cards per table. So, after having to wait too long, receiving an incorrect bill, and having a 20% gratuity added to our crappy service, they would not allow us to pay with 5 credit cards. We scrambled and came up with the extra cash and gave them 4 credit cards. Some of us had planned to stick around after dinner and belly up to the bar, but after all was said and done, we just wanted to get out of there.

Aimee was sorely missed from dinner.  I guess her excuse was valid.  She was still down the street in the hospital.  You see, she received the best Christmas present of all.

Hanna Juliet


  1. Hanna! How exciting!

    Thanks for the heads up about Sunda, Nat. I have no tolerance for bad service. And there's no excuse for it. Michael Ruhlman just did a good post about it: http://ruhlman.com/2010/12/nyc-restaurants-the-craft-of-service.html

  2. Very nice post! I like all the pictures of the food - makes me hungry!