Saturday, February 13, 2010

DEADline #48

In my post about the things I want to do before I leave this earth, I wrote about Don and Marty in item #48.

Don, Marty and I have been friends since the '80s. That was a lovely decade with the best hairstyles, EVER. I think I can probably write an entire post dedicated to Don's hairstyles over the past 20 years. Marty and I met in high school, and we both met Don at our dancing school. We weren't fast friends. It took a while, okay, a long while for us to become close friends. I may, or may not have been the hold out.

We had the best time at our dance classes and rehearsals. We practically lived at our dance studio for a couple of years. After Don and I went away to different colleges, we would still come home on the weekends for rehearsals for our shows.

Fast forward MANY years later, and Don lives in California and Marty lives in Arizona, and we are closer than ever. A couple of years ago we started a new tradition. Once a year, the three of us get together for a weekend at one of our homes. We rotate our location each year.

The three of us may not talk as much as we would like, but once we are together, it is mostly non-stop goofiness. Don and Marty are like an old comedy team, and they never fail to keep me in stitches.

A couple of years ago, Don sent Marty and me a song in an e-mail (I can't remember the song, but I KNOW that Don remembers). The song sent Don into a daydream of sorts. I can't remember the exact details of Don's daydream,  but after he got us started, the three of us just ran with his idea.

The three of us would rent a cabin for a week (and the whole dream has a sort of 1950's feel to it). We would drive an old pick-up truck and have to go to the little country store to pick up our staples for the week. We would be wearing overalls and little '50s dresses (I would probably be the one in overalls). We'd sit on our front porch swing and drink lemonade. We'd make pies (well, the boys would be doing the baking, I'd be chopping the wood) and we'd listen to the radio. We might even make up a little dance routine or two.

We'd be laughing, singing, and dancing for an entire week; my boys and me.

Anyway, that is #48.

Man, I love those guys.

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  1. It's a song from George Winston's "Summer" cd - there are SO many great songs on there. The three of us would have the best time. I KNOW we'd fight but the best of families do. At the end all would be solved with BOMB POPS!! xoxo Don