Friday, February 19, 2010

French February

Aimee picked Bistro Campagne for February's dinner. There were four of us in attendance: me, Heather, Beth, and Aimee. Nice and cozy.

We ordered wine, and I think that three of the four of us had french onion soup. I really can't tell you if it was delicious or not. My taste buds are on strike due to a bad cold.

Heather and Beth ordered fish, Aimee ordered steak, and I had the mac and cheese, french style. Aimee said her steak was too rich, but the other gals tasted it, and really liked it. I brought most of my mac and cheese home in hopes that my taste buds come back real soon.

I plan to come back to Bistro Campagne as soon as possible so that I can really enjoy the tastes and smells. After all, Paris is my favorite place on earth, and I'll take anything that will allow me to feel like I am there, if even just a tiny bit.

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