Friday, February 19, 2010


Julie was in town over the weekend, so a group of us went to Fuego for some Mexican fare.

Now, if I were given my choice for my last meal, I would have a tough decision to make. I LOVE guacamole, and I adore goat cheese. I could probably eat those things everyday but Sunday.

Susan, Heather, Julie, Aimee, Kim, Michele, Beth and myself were in attendance. Drinks (except for pregnant Julie), chips and salsa, and guacamole were first. Service seemed a bit slow, so that meant we ate a LOT of chips, salsa, and guacamole.

Fuego also served us with complimentary chicken soup before our meals came. When our meals finally did arrive, they were delicious, but we were a bit stuffed from all we had eaten prior. This is unbelievable, I know, but a few of us even took home doggie bags which is really unheard of for this group.

Unfortunately, Jodee couldn't make it because she was with her father. We did make a toast to Jodee's father's health and wished him a speedy recovery.

It's always a blast when Julie is in town. It's usually always about the food. But then again, when are we not 'all about the food'.


  1. I haven't even read this post yet, but the drink and the guac look like bon appetit! I'm so sad I missed it!!!

  2. And why not goat cheese and guac on Sunday?

  3. It is always good to the girls!!...I miss you guys!!!