Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You can dress us up..............

This past Saturday, Ignacio and I had tickets (part of our subscription) to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.  We went to dinner at Tamarind, a local spot that serves many different types of Asian food.  I had sushi, and Ignacio had sesame chicken.  A dish he has loved since my friend, Don, left Ignacio leftovers years ago.

After dinner, we went to the fancy chocolate shop in our neighborhood, Canady Le Chocolatier.  We love this place and the owner, Michael, is such a gentleman.  After picking up a few chocolates, we ventured to Caribou Coffee for some caffiene to keep me awake for the performance.  It's not that I don't enjoy the performances, I just ALWAYS have a hard time staying awake during live shows.

We walked to Symphony Center, and made our way up to the heavens for our seats.  Our seats are in the second to last row.  That means, we have to hike up six flights of stairs.  I always stop at the restroom after the fifth flight.  I sit there, sweating, and gasping for air like I've just run a marathon.  I compose myself, and walk the last flight to our seats.

The seats at Symphony Center are so cramped compared to the The Goodman Theater.  Because our seats are at such a steep pitch, it feels like my knees are on each side of the woman's head in front of me, right next to her ears. 

The show started, and I did well.  I was awake and alert, and enjoying the show.  It was getting close to intermission, and Ignacio had a look of panic on his face.  I guess his stomach was starting to reject his dinner.  He got up during the show, and went to the restroom.  I knew I wouldn't see him again until intermission, because they don't allow patrons to enter while the performance is in progress.

Intermission came, and I hear, "Nat! Nat!"  I look, and it is Ignacio with two Oranginas (yum!).  I went out to have a drink and Ignacio told me his story.....

He went to the restroom, and was doing his business, when he noticed a long hair on the ground.  He immediately started to try to peek through the door of the stall, looking for urinals to let him know he was in the right place.  Nope.  He popped up, and ran out of the WOMEN'S BATHROOM, and ran in the men's bathroom to finish up.

Yup, all dressed up, at Symphony Center, and sitting in the ladies room.  You can dress us up, but you can't take us anywhere.

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  1. That is the funniest damn story I have heard in a long time!! Thanks for making me laugh:-)