Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flatulence. It stinks.

Generally, I try to get to the gym at 5:30 in the A M. Okay, so there was a period of time that I wasn't getting there at all, but that is neither here nor there.

With my plantar fasciitis, I have finally found a machine that my foot can remain unmoved, and I can watch an episode of "House" for 45 minutes on my iPhone and get a nice cardio workout. Speaking of which, I am completely caught up with all seasons of "House" and I was trying to find a show that I could watch that would provide me with as much enjoyment as "House" has(because believe me, that show has made me laugh out loud, and cry while on my damn machine). I chose "Nip/Tuck". And, I must say, I am disappointed. Some days I am afraid that if people look over and take a glance at my iPhone, they'll think I am watching a dirty movie. Other days, I am just annoyed at the lack of communication and secrets on the show. Whatevs. I think I'll try "Damages" next. I've heard good things.

This morning, I mixed it up a bit, and worked out on weights. Then, I headed over to a spin bike to try out my foot. I wanted to see if all the stand up, sit down crap in a spin class would put too much pressure on my foot. Sorry to say, I don't think I have an excuse for not taking the twice a week spin class offered at 5:30 in the A M. Next, I headed over to my beloved cardio machine for 20 minutes of breathing heavy before heading home. When picking my machine, I am sure I am like 99% of people and if there is room, I never go right next to another worker outer. I picked a machine with empty spaces on either side of me. There I was doing my thing, watching WGN news (because they crack me up in the morning) on my individual TV screen, and then I was HIT! It hit me like a pie in the face. The guy on the machine to the left of me let one rip. It was NASTY. I had to turn my head to breathe.

Now, I don't know about you, but having to breathe through my mouth is bad enough, but equally as concerning, is when other people walk by, and they could possibly think that I am the offender. I try to make faces and point my eyes in the other guy's direction to let people know that I didn't cut the cheese. It was the other guy, I swear!! Not only was his gas lethal, it lingered for crying out loud. For a minute, I debated just hopping off my machine and heading home, but I continued to mouth breathe and hope for the best. Also, the news I was watching teased me with one of those: "after the break, we'll tell you about an iPhone app for reducing wrinkles", so I couldn't leave just yet.

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  1. i would've had to move after i screamed "oh gross" and dry heaved in front of him just to get my point across! i can't work out in the same area as someone with perfume/cologne or bengay! it makes me sick. i actually asked a lady to move down a few machines when she was about to jump on the one right next to me. i told her i was allergic to her perfume. which is not a total lie. besides, when there are 8 machines you shouldn't have to jump on the one right next to someone. and take care of the smelly shit when you leave the gym!! everyone is breathing harder at the gym, let it be less contaminated for all of us! no farts, perfume or bengay!