Monday, May 9, 2011

"At The Ballet"

This past Friday was the third and final performance in our (my friend Jenn and my) subscription to the Joffrey Ballet. We purchased our subscription with a deal through Groupon, and have gone to dinner and the ballet for three shows starting last December. It is great fun for two former dancers to thoroughly pig out at dinner, and then watch thin as rails ballerinas mock us.

At the dinner before this last one, Jenn and I went to a fast food Indian restaurant on State Street (she was running late due to unpredictable traffic and we adjusted our plan for Indian food at a regular restaurant, to a fast food joint). There was a couple in line just ahead of us, and it was a woman who wears a veil and is covered head-to-toe. It wasn’t just a veil though, it covered her entire face. ENTIRE FACE. We couldn’t even see her eyes. To eat, she would take her gloved hand, and take her food behind the veil. Then, shit got weird. Her husband started taking pictures of her in the restaurant. She was head-to-toe covered in black. No eyes, no fingers, no ears, NOTHING. Do you think she was smiling under there when her husband pointed the camera at her? I bet she said, “Do I have anything in my teeth?” And I’m sure her husband said, “say cheese, honey.”

Jenn and I could not stop staring. It was the oddest thing.

But, back to this past week... Jenn arrived to my place in plenty of time, and we headed to the ‘real’ Indian restaurant and shared veggie samosas, garlic naan, and a bottle of white wine. We also each had an entry that made Jenn ‘glow’ (aka sweat her ass off because of the spices). Time flew, and when we arrived at the theater, we heard, “two minutes to curtain”. The show was really good, and we have committed to next season’s subscription. We are such cultured bitches.

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  1. Yes, muy tres very cultured. I wish I could take part. Btw, why no pose in B+?