Monday, May 23, 2011

may girls dinner

For May's dinner, Liz chose the restaurant where her son, Antonio, works as the sous chef.  We headed up North to Mia Figlia.
untitled shoot-019.jpg
Susan, Jodee and I all ordered the tilipia special for dinner, and Liz ordered a pasta dish.  We did have appetisers, but I was way hungry and forgot to get a picture of them.  We also had a side order of mushrooms and garlic mash potatoes.  The tilipia was amazing, and all three of us licked our plates clean.  Liz enjoyed her pasta as well.
My creationThis is crazy, and I know many people will find this difficult to believe, but we ordered only one dessert to share.  Yes, I said 'share'.  Normally, I find it difficult to share my desserts, or should I say 'impossible' to share my desserts, but something came over me, and I was decided it was time to learn how to share.  (alright fine, I was way too full to eat entire dessert on my own).

untitled shoot-021.jpg
And because Liz knows the chef, we were surprised with some Limoncello.  And, I loves me some Limoncello.
untitled shoot-025.jpg

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