Thursday, May 5, 2011

dreaming of Rob Lowe (among other things)

Two weeks ago, my friend Jodee and I went to the Oprah show. I know, right?! We had no idea what the topic would be until we got to the show, and were handed a piece of paper saying, “If you could ask Rob Lowe one thing, what would it be?” Jodee and I were thrilled. I recently started watching ‘Brothers and Sisters’ and can I just tell you, that man gets better with age. Yum-ME! Anyway, back to the question I wanted to ask Rob Lowe….I thought long and hard, and wrote on my piece of paper, “Would you consider moving to Paris with a taller woman?” Perfect question, right? I certainly thought so, and there was no doubt in my mind that Oprah would pick me to stand up and ask my question to Rob.

While we were in the holding room with 300 of our other ‘closest’ friends, I stood across the room in line for the bathroom and saw that Jodee was making a beeline for me. “Natalie! Look who is here!”  I looked, and there was a celebrity in the holding room with us. It was none other than Stephanie Izard, the genius behind Girl and The Goat. “Hi Stephanie, we love you!”

The show began and it was very exciting. I was so ready for my close-up when Oprah would tell me to stand up and ask Rob my question. I was a little bummed when Rob’s wife was brought out to sit in the front row of the audience, but whatever, my question was still the best in the bunch of 300. I was sure of that.

The show went on, and Rob was charming and sexy and all of that stuff. Then Oprah said, “Where’s Sally?” And then Sally stood up and asked some stupid, un-clever question and I had to listen to her blather on. And then Oprah asked a few other people to stand up and blather on. Seriously Oprah? My question was genius!


So Rob was there because he just wrote a book.

Cover Image

On vacation last week, I read Melissa Gilbert’s book that was seriously at least 30% all about Rob, and then I read Rob’s book and he barely mentions her. Very interesting. But anyway, I have been having really vivid dreams for the last two weeks. I would go to bed reading Rob’s book, and my dream was all about Rob. I wish I would have written down the details, but I am sure the two of us were in Paris enjoying wine and pain au chocolate.

And when I say I’ve been having vivid dreams, listen to this one: I woke up early to watch the Royal Wedding, and I must have fallen asleep after the ceremony was over while waiting for the party to begin. I dreamt that I was in charge of the little place cards for the tables. They were all on a table and they were in sheets that needed to be ripped apart. I mean, the sheets were all perforated and ready to be torn down, but the Royals must have used really cheap paper, so when I started to fold on the perforated edge and tried to take them apart, the paper started to rip. I was so upset because people were starting to arrive and they needed their place cards!

I seriously wonder how my subconscious dreams this shit up.

And a big THANK YOU to my friends Susan and Noel for allowing me to finally see an Oprah show!


  1. Ola la, Rob is one hot man! did you not find it a little strange that the first chapter in his book is about JFK JR? Full circle baby!

  2. I LOVE ROB LOWE!! I've loved him ever since I realized I liked boys. He's SO my #1 Hollywood pick for husband. I still stand by that choice. What a great show for you to see. I'm totes jealzies. I would have either been strapped to my chair or removed by security if I were THAT close to him. I love him, did I mention that? But I love JFK Jr a little more.
    Donald Francois Bouvier Pietranczyk-Kennedy

  3. I even took pictures of the paused TV screen to show to my stylist because I thought his hair looked so good - especially in the Malibu segment.

    Sidenote: I didn't care for the way Ope talked about the porn. It was "silly" vs serious. Sometimes she just bugs.