Wednesday, May 11, 2011

smart key/dumb people

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Saturday night, Ignacio and I had a first communion party to attend. Ignacio is notorious for rushing around like a madman, and forgetting a lot of things as he is rushing out of the house. Saturday night was no exception. We got in the car, and we were on our way to the cash station, when Ignacio remembered he left his wallet at home. We had to turn around and drive back home so he could run up and grab his wallet.

Important information: Ignacio’s car starts with the push of a button. You just need to have the ‘smart key’ on your person, and then you are able to push the button to start the car.

When he ran up to grab his wallet, he left the car running with me inside. He came back down, we stopped at the cash station, and we drove the 45 minutes to the restaurant for the party. When we arrived at the valet stand at the restaurant, I hopped out of the car, and a few seconds later, Ignacio was saying, “Natalie, where are my keys?!?!?!?!” Oh yes, he left his keys at home—45 MINUTES AWAY.

Ignacio had no intention of driving back home. He instead drove to a gas station, filled up his car, drove back to the valet stand, and instructed the valet attendant, “DO NOT SHUT OFF THE CAR OR LOCK THE DOOR.” (since he didn’t have the ‘smart key’, shutting off the car meant we would never be able to start again without going back home for the key)

Yup, we went to that party and our car was running the entire time.  It was nice and warm for our ride home.

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  1. Well, in the grand scheme of things, I find that rather ingenious... For the low-low price of $15-$20 worth of gas at most, he managed to save all of that time and stress. So, I'll take a point away for leaving his wallet, and take another point away for then leaving his keys - but I'm giving him 5 points for the thought of filling it up and leaving it running with the valet, so he's still ahead in my game... Love, Steve