Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a day in pictures

Saturday, Ignacio and I ventured out for breakfast.
untitled shoot-034.jpg
We tried to go to our favorite breakfast joint, but the wait was too long, so we went next door.  The place was empty, and that should have been our first clue.  Breakfast wasn't very good.
untitled shoot-044.jpg
We needed something to wash breakfast down, so we walked down the street the Hilton hotel.  It is so grand and beautiful inside, and one of our favorite places, but unfortunately,  the bar didn't open until 4:00pm, so we walked to our neighborhood tavern, bellied up to the bar, and ordered our first (of many) mimosas.

untitled shoot-050.jpg
untitled shoot-051.jpg
untitled shoot-052.jpg
I just love that the place is called Kasey's TAVERN.  It sounds much better than 'bar'.
untitled shoot-054.jpg
And I think I would have made my dad proud by drinking before noon at the tavern.

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